Web Design Services in London: Design Elements and Trends of 2020

by Salman Al Assaf

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Building a business is a mixture of performing both exciting and mind-numbing tasks on your way to success.

Both are critical to building a brand and sustaining valuable growth for your company.

One of the exciting aspects of building your brand has to do with designing a website that will represent your business in its best light.

Why go that route alone when you can hire one of the award-winning web design services in London? They’ll help you maximize a mixture of web design trends that your clients will flock to.

Here are some of the hottest web design trends that businesses are thriving off of.

1. Breaking the Organization

Back in the old days, an organized and categorized ad pointed to the professionalism and sophistication of a company. As if you needed someone to tell you that business was professional… who doesn’t already know that?

Turn the clock forward to the present day and business advertisements with corporate jargon are a dime a dozen. Today’s customers run from those. 

They want to work with brands that are personable and relatable.

So… how can you show off a personable side to your company on your side? Add imperfections to it. 

While that may sound counterproductive to what you’re trying to pull off, it helps build the personable brand that customers are flocking to these days. They want a personal touch. They want to know they’ll be working with human beings if they buy your service or product.

Finding different ways to incorporate an imperfection will help your website stand out as a company that likes to have fun on their way to the top.

trusted website design company can help you design and build a strategically “imperfect” design that will hit home with your clientele.

2. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly!)

In a world where your customers are constantly being flooded with advertisements and online campaigns, imagine their relief when coming across a site with a simple design.

There are several websites out there that take the website backgrounds to the extreme. In so doing, they’re overwhelming those that want to read their content. 

Using a simple website design will help people understand the tone you’ve set with your brand: no-nonsense and straight to the point.

Having a website with white space speaks to the customer. It tells them things like “looking for an answer to your question? Here it is!” or “want a product that will change your life? Boom! Here ya go!”.

In other words, the white space helps your reader to focus on what matters about your site.

You’ve spent countless hours perfecting the content that’s on your site. Let it do the talking for your company.

3. Big and Bold

As you’ve undoubtedly noticed already in reading this article, customers are looking to work with companies that get straight to the point.

Instead of companies that beat around the bush to get more clicks, they want companies that cut the bush down and walk straight through it… you get the idea.

In addition to the previously-mentioned trend of keeping a simplistic layout, you should strive to keep your headers just as simple.

Using big and bold letters will help you control where your readers’ eyes go first. They see what you want them to see. You can show them what differentiates your company from the get-go.

Take Coca-Cola’s UK website for example. They optimize big, bold letters for every message they want to send to their site users. At any point throughout the year, as soon as you click on their site, you’ll read the words “Taste the Feeling“. 

In only three words, the company has captured what separates their soft drink from all its competitors: the happiness it brings you.

Whatever your marketing approach is, find as few words as possible to describe your brand, then post them in giant letters at the front of your site.

4. Capitalize on the ‘Dark Mode’ Trend

Those that have downloaded the latest software for their iPhone or Macbook are fully aware of the look that “dark mode” can bring to your device.

It gives off a more modernized and visually-stunning in the viewer’s eyes. Two factors, of which, that you will want to associate with your brand.

Take the white space that you were integrating from the K.I.S.S. trend in this article and make it dark space. It will be just as simplistic and give your company an innovative look to its site.

Not only that, but the dark background will help your content stand out to the reader which will help you control where the viewer’s eyes land on your site.

If you believe that your brand can benefit from having a modernized look, then dark mode can be the perfect way to subliminally show that to your site visitors.

Not only does it help the viewer’s eyes, but it also helps their device’s battery life. You’re a lifesaver!

Find the Best Web Design Services in London for Your Web Design Needs

Now that you’ve seen a few of the hottest web design trends for 2020, it’s time to find the web design services in London that fits you best.

In doing so, you’ll be setting your company up with a website that will last the test of time and deliver a consistent message to your clients.

Be sure to read this article on affordable SEO services in London for more information on what you should keep an eye out for.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be delighted to assist you further.

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